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We Are A Reflection of Our Customers and Family!

We are NAYASA; a home and kitchen ware company that grew out of the sheer determination of one man. The far sightedness of our founder was instrumental in propelling us to become one of India’s largest plastic manufacturers.

In 1983, our founder – Mr Vijay Sachdev – was one of the first individuals to see the potential of plastic and its emergence as a dominant force within the household category. Those were the days of heavy metal and brass containers that were used extensively in the kitchen and home.

In 2003, our original brands of Vee Plast and Nissan were combined to form the well-known and well-loved brand of today – NAYASA – meaning “like new”.

Under Nayasa the company expanded its range, and now manufactures bathroom sets, home storage containers, jewellery stands, kitchen containers, cutlery stands, dinner sets, fridge bottles, back to school items such as compass boxes, garbage bins steel insulated tiffins, melamine serve ware etc.  or check out our product range here.

We live our motto – Jeene Ka Andaz Nayasa – and we do this by our constant and unrelenting focus on quality, design and product innovation. We were the first company to introduce a range of fridge bottles with eye catching designs. Another innovation to come out of our motto was the introduction of carry home packaging.  By designing take-home packs for our bottles, we were able to eliminate the need for customers to use additional bags to carry the bottles bought in stores .

Our colourful and trendy products are a joy to use – this isn’t just what we think – hear what our customers have to say.

Our aim is to bring a smile to your face, to brighten your day and lift your spirits.

We make things that make India proud.

We Are Proud To Partner With

We have also been certified by the following Government accreditations

ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

A gauge to measure quality control and customer satisfaction, ISO 9001 is a Quality management system with several parameters for a business to pass in order to increase the benefit received by the customers in the form of products, sale and after sale services.


URS Certification

The United Registrar of Systems Limited is an international body that offers value added auditing for ISO standards, quality inspections and social audits globally.


Government Recognized Star Export House

Star Export Houses are businesses that have made a significant contribution to India’s foreign exchange inflow as well as excelled in international trade based on the financial performance annually.



The Super Ethical Data Exchange is an NGO based in London that focuses on committing towards continuous improvement in ethical supply chains for businesses.


The Plastic Promotion Council

PLEXCONCIL is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce Government of India. It represents the exporting community in the Indian Plastics Industry.


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